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giovedì 2 giugno 2011


Liver detoxification: it uses a mixture of TM of artichoke, dandelion and flues. The first two compounds are made up of a plant complex that has a set of bitter substances formed by caffeoil-quinic acid: These are capable of performing a cholagogue and choleretic action, that is, respectively, promotes the production of bile and its flow to the intestine . These two actions thus exert a strong action purifying and cleansing the liver (as a metabolic waste are transported in the bile excreted in the feces and urine), which, combined with mild diuretic action of dandelion, also help to purify the urinary tract . Useful because jaundice, because it favors the elimination of bilirubin is due to renal enterica (urine and faeces).

These bitter substances, also helps to stimulate the digestion produzine of digestive enzymes. They are therefore contraindicated in people suffering from ulcers, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease and those suffering from gallstones. The dandelion, in particular, being rich in potassium, can lead to hyperkalemia particularly in patients already taking potassium supplements, leading to heart problems for a long time. The dandelion is also rich in inulin as a prebiotic, supports optimal development of gut flora, among other functions connected with it, further improves the cleaning of streets and provides liver and urinary elimination of bilirubin. That's why antibiotics can lead to episodes of jaundice, and it is always useful to take prebiotics alive and active.

Dosage: 2 tablespoons of this mixture in a glass of water to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, or you can opt for 3 capsules in the morning of that mixture ever fasted for a period of 20 days-1 month. Good mixture in the pre, intra and post, for those who take many medications for a long time, especially the elderly, changes in season (September and April to take), bitter mouth symptom that shows that there is something wrong in the liver) .
The TM Milk thistle, can be used in combination with the above mixture as synergize the action of purifying and toning the liver, but this time not only on eliminating biliary, but on the protection and purification of hepatocytes, to which this plant has an important function regenerate (good and then as an aid in cirrhosis): these properties are given by silymarin, a flavonoid fraction contained in the fruits. The hepatoprotective and regenerative function is also given by the artichoke, though to a lesser extent than the thistle. In cases of cirrhosis or hepatitis advantageous to use the number of 3 capsules in the morning before eating, avoiding alcohol because it is TM.

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  1. Flues is a plant that is able to regular the bile acids secretion so that to keep your liver in the better conditions possible! Do you know Schown solution? It contains flues, and it's used to solve the kidney stones too! For more informations you may contact me to my mail address, so I will explain you all that you want to know about it...OK? Thank you!

    I will wait for you! Alberto

    18 giugno 2011 17:24